What advice would you give to other interns wanting to end with that permanent job offer?
I believe being trustworthy as a college and passionate about your projects can go very far! I would also encourage any intern to approach your position with curiosity, take this unique opportunity to learn as much as possible!

What was the most challenging part of your internship? Or what did you learn the most?
As a marketing intern I found it equally terrifying and exiting to have the opportunity to work with the most famous FMCG brands in Norway. The amount of responsibility I was given from day one was also a big learning experience – suddenly my skills where being put in action in real projects, and not just at school.

Any advice for the application process?
Read the description of the position and imagine yourself here at Orkla – Why are you a good fit? What are you hoping to learn? Also, what can Orkla learn from you?

Is Orkla a home to grow?
During my internship at Orkla Foods I became a part of a team that are supportive and always eager to answer my questions. After the internship I was offered a position as a Jr. Brand Manager, and my professional development has continued since then. Every day I face new and exciting challenges and opportunities to become a better marketer. If you are serious about your professional development Orkla is the place for you – it truly is a home to grow!