Students and internships

Orkla understands the value that students bring to our workplace in relation to their energy, new ideas and different experiences. There are many ways for students to become involved at Orkla before they graduate and start their own careers. From collaborating on your thesis with our subject matter experts to joining us as an intern during the summer or as part of your degree – the opportunities are endless at Orkla!

Internships at Orkla

The Orkla Summer Academy began in 2017 as a marketing focused program since we often recruit new graduates into marketing positions regularly. However, after the success of the first year, we expanded into other areas including finance, HR, Mergers &Acquisitions, Information Technology, Environment, Health & Safety, Production and Supply Chain. We recruit over 20 students into our summer program in Norway in addition to various formal cooperation’s with business schools throughout the year in various countries.

We chose the name “Orkla Summer Academy” because it makes you think of summer camp mixed in with real learning experiences and an intellectual corporate environment. We wanted the program to be fun for the interns, but also produce high quality work that we could apply to our everyday work.

Orkla as a company, is well known for its in-house learning academies such as Brand Manager Academy and Production Academy, so it was also important to stay consistent with what we offer. Internships are also important to Orkla because we believe that we have a responsibility to the community to provide valuable work experience to students but also because it gives us access to new ideas, insights and concepts that we otherwise would never get. We also use internships to push our own leaders to be better and create a ready pipeline of future Orkla employees. Interns are an essential part of our long-term talent strategy and will only expand it further in the years come.

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Thesis cooperation

Several students have written their Master`s dissertations in cooperation with us. We advise students to contact HR centrally and provide information about your topic, the area of Orkla that you wish to cooperate with and the timeframe that you are working within. If you already know the individual that you want to work with, please contact them directly where possible. Due to volume of requests, it is not always possible for us to respond to every request and we do advise you to apply for internships at Orkla as a first point of entry as many students end up doing their theses here after their internship concludes. 

If you wish to apply, please contact the relevant department or send a general request to:

Meet our students and interns

Read stories from our employees’ first year of work at Orkla.

Karoline Bjørnstajordet

"The best thing about working in Orkla is that you get the experience of working in a large company but at the same time, your work is based locally, which offers many unique opportunities for development within the company and being part of the big decisions."

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Nichole Ballou

"What I liked most about being an intern was the opportunity to work on such fun, challenging, and important projects. I quickly understood that the projects we worked on were important, real-life taks that needed to be done, which was highly motivating"

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Fredrik Angelvik

"The best part of working as an intern at Orkla is that you get to work on real issues that Orkla is facing alongside talented and engaged co-workers"

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