What is your background?
I have just finished my 4th year of a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at NTNU in Trondheim, with a main profile called Material Chemistry and Energy Technology. I also have a part time job at ENT3R Realfagsrekruttering where I help teenagers with their homework and try to inspire them to explore science!

What kind of internship do you have?
I am a summer intern at Orkla Home and Personal Care where I work in the Innovation Department. The days are very diverse, but I do spend quite some time in the laboratory, which is very fun!

What is the best part of working as an intern at Orkla?
One of the best parts of working as an intern at Orkla is the opportunity to work closely with such large brands, which most people has some kind of relationship with. Also, it is pretty amazing that I get to make a lot of the products, like shampoo from Sunsilk, completely from scratch in the laboratory! 

Why should someone consider applying for an intern at Orkla?
There are so many reasons to apply! You get to work in one of the biggest companies in Norway where the work environment is vibrant and social. I always look forward to spending a day at the office since every day is different.  

What was the most challenging part of your internship? Or what did you learn the most?
One of the most challenging parts of my internship was probably the case work we did in teams with interns from different departments. I felt a bit out of my element from an educational point of view, but I learned a lot from my other team members and gained valuable insight in different business areas during our discussions and work!

Any advice for the application process?
I think the most important things to remember is to be yourself and to believe in yourself. It is not necessary to try to figure out what you believe they want to hear in an interview, but rather do your own reflections and speak your thoughts. Orkla can offer you a lot, but don’t forget that you are also valuable to the company!

Is Orkla a home to grow?
Most definitely! Working in such a supportive and engaging environment creates the opportunity to grow, both in a business perspective and on a personal level.