What is your background?
I have a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing Management at BI Norwegian Business School where I also took my bachelor’s in International Marketing. In the final year of the bachelor program, I was lucky to be a part of an exchange program at Pace University in the city that never sleeps, New York City! 

What kind of internship did you have?
At BI they offer internships as a part of our master-program. So, during fall 2019, I was a Marketing & Innovation intern in Orkla Growth Accelerator. This department was under Orkla ASA and based in Oslo.   

What is the best part of working as an intern at Orkla?
I have to say that the best part of being an intern at Orkla is that you get to experience how the some of the biggest brands in Norway work together to create value for consumers, but also how Orkla as an organization works to come up with new ideas.

How does Orkla differ from other companies, especially within the FMCG sector?
I think Orkla is a unique place to work, and what differs Orkla from other companies is their ability to help consumers during so many parts of the day. I also have to mention the people within the organization, from day one you feel like home! 

What is your favorite product and why?
This is a tough one! But I have to say the Define Moulding Clay because I have used it for 10 years now. An affordable quality product!

Why should someone consider applying for as an intern at Orkla?
Because Orkla has one of the best internship programs available! To get insight into how some of the most recognized brands in Norway work is a very valuable experience to have in your toolbox. It is also very fun, social and you get a ton of “merch”. 

What advice would you give to other interns wanting to end with that permanent job offer?
My best advice is to start early showing interest in wanting a permanent job. Talk to your closest leader, ask them how this can be possible and if they have any suggestions. My boss was extremely helpful during the process. 

What was the most challenging part of your internship? Or what did you learn the most?
I worked in the group level, and the department I worked in looked into projects that could go across all the different business units. So for me, the most challenging part was getting up to speed with all the different brands, insights and trends Orkla have. At the same time, it was very beneficial for me since I got to know the entire organization. 

Any advice for the application process?
Try being the greatest version of yourself during the process and stay confident. The people in charge of employing at Orkla are really nice and they are there to help you. 

Is Orkla a home to grow?
Definitely! Not only as a businessperson but also as a human being!