What is your background?
I graduated from Norway`s Business School in Bergen, where I took my Bachelor`s and Master`s in Economics and Administration. The focus of my master’s degree was Strategy and Management. During my studies, I participated in two exchange programs, first to Brisbane, Australia, and then to Rome, Italy. I was also active in the Student Association throughout my entire time studying in Bergen. I strongly believe that both my experience on exchange and my involvement within the Student Association provided me with a lot of useful experience that helped prepare me for the transition from student to working life, in addition to the knowledge and theory I gained from my studies. In 2017, I was offered an internship in Orkla Home and Personal Care based in Oslo and was part of the first ever Orkla Summer Academy program. By working as an intern, I got to work with specific issues facing the company and got a taste of what life is really like in the working world. An internship is a fantastic opportunity to build your network, and of course show your leaders what you are capable of. I was so lucky that I was offered my dream job after finishing the Orkla Summer Academy and have now begun as a brand manager full time in Summer 2018.

What is your role?
I work as a brand manager for the Household Cleaning category, which means that I am responsible for brands such as Jif, Jordan, Krystal, Klorin, Salmi og Svint. This is an incredibly exciting category with many challenges and opportunities, so my everyday working life is far from boring. Each day is different where one day I could be sitting with large datasets and doing analysis, while another day I could be helping to make a commercial movie to air on tv. I feel that it is a perfect balance between the analytical and creative tasks that a brand manager must do.

What is the best part of working here?
The best thing about working in Orkla is that you get the experience of working in a large company but at the same time, your work is based locally, which offers many unique opportunities for development within the company and being part of the big decisions. Orkla has offices and opportunities to work and collaborate in several places abroad, so your opportunities really extend beyond Norway. I also think that it is very motivating to get to work with well-known brands that Norwegians have had in their homes for many generations, and that there is an emotional connection for them. Even after working for Orkla for just a short while, I already notice how forward and open to new ideas this company is. Technology and sustainability initiatives are not something that is just talked about, but there is active work going on all the time. New ideas for products or ways of doing things are always welcome and you entrusted with a lot of responsibility from your first day.

What is different about Orkla compared to other companies especially FMCG?
The fact that we are a Norwegian owned company and that most of our products are produced in Norway or the Nordic region, distinguishes us from other large FMCG companies. Our focus is on creating products that are specifically adapted to local consumers and we are constantly working to develop these in line with the needs of society and consumers. The fact that we have products with such long traditions and pride associated with them here in Norway also distinguishes us from other companies which is something that makes me feel proud to work with.

What is your favourite product and why?
Of the products that I work with now, my favourite product is Jif Mop System and Jif One-time Mop. It makes an otherwise boring laundry job, much easier and more efficient, so you get the job done faster and better. Often people think my apartment must be spotlessly clean always because I work within the cleaning category, but I still struggle to find time to do this like most do! That's why I'm very proud of the simple solutions I have been a part of making for consumers. And when I finish doing my cleaning and washing, I like to reward myself with a bag of Smash or Bamsemums!