Your background
Business school, sales assistant Supermarket, tour guide Spain, sales rep Beauvais (OFD), KAM DANÆG A/S, KAM Royal Greenland Seafood, Sales Director Dragsbaek, CEO Naturli’ Foods

What is your role at Orkla?
Grow business and brand awareness in Naturli’ Foods – 100% plantbased food solutions that take vegan food to a new level when it comes to taste and quality at fair prices for consumers out there.

What is the best part of working here?
Naturli’ is the hottest brand in Denmark right now because of the last 2 years innovations we have launched – vegan alternative to butter, vegan alternative to minced beef, products placed in dairy and the meat aisle. Since January we have expanded Naturli’ in to new markets such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

What is different about Orkla compared to other companies especially FMCG?
The willingness from Orkla to invest in the future, meaning Naturli’ is a growth rocket, but we need to invest in technology and science to stay in the first mover position and I am certain that Orkla see’s this potential and know that Naturli’ Foods is the place to invest for further expansion and make the Naturli’ a world known super brand.

Favourite product? Why?
Naturli’ minced – this product made Naturli’ a rock star brand over night!