What is your background?
I am currently in my final year at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) where I am majoring in Business Analytics. Before I started my master’s at NHH, I finished a Bachelor’s in Business and Administration with a specialization in Innovation and Management at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. As part of my Bachelor`s degree, I also spent a semester abroad at UC Berkeley in California. In addition to my academic background, I also hold a diploma from The Royal Norwegian Navy’s officer candidate school (UBHH).

What kind of internship did you have?
During summer 2018, I was a Digital Marketing & Brand Management Intern within Orkla Home & Personal Care (OHPC) based in Oslo.

What is the best part of working as an intern at Orkla?
The best part of working as an intern at Orkla is that you get to work on real issues that Orkla is facing alongside talented and engaged co-workers. In Orkla, the management teams look to interns as a unique talent asset that can help them to develop and improve the way they work. They encourage you to explore and challenge what is established way of working which gives you the experience of having a real impact on decision-making and change.

How does Orkla differ from other companies, especially within the FMCG sector?
For me, what separates Orkla from other companies, is how they impact people’s everyday lives. Once you become aware of the scale of Orkla and its products, you see that you are likely using or consuming several Orkla products each day. Within the FMCG sector, Orkla also aims to be an industry leader on sustainability. Throughout the summer, I have seen first-hand how hard my department, Home & Personal Care, works to constantly develop sustainable products, packaging and production. 

What is your favorite product and why?
Toro Tikka Masala kit, because it’s the best Tikka Masala you can get. I truly believe that the taste and quality is better than most of the Indian restaurants you can visit.

Why should someone consider applying for as an intern at Orkla?
If you are after a career within marketing, consulting, finance, IT, sales, business development, HR, etc., you can achieve this at Orkla. You will get first-hand experience from a big Nordic company that is working across the globe and have an incredibly fun summer together with all the other interns!