Application FAQs

If you do not get your questions answered below, please contact our HR Recruitment Team.

What do you look for in candidates?
The workplace is constantly changing and the skills employers are looking for are also changing. At Orkla, most roles require good analytical skills however positions within finance and brand management require better than average. Candidates need to demonstrate commercial curiosity, motivation and passion for the products we create and for the company itself. Previous experience from the consumer goods sector is a huge advantage for the more experienced positions. We also look for individuals who are motivated to develop their skills and knowledge and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

In terms of educational background, many positions require four years of higher education (Master’s degree preferred) however there are roles that will consider experience in place of education. We are flexible with regard to candidates’ background and education, and tend to look for degrees within IT, business, civil or industrial economics, Strategy, HR, Food Science, and Sustainability.

What type of jobs are you recruiting for?
Our high-volume recruitment for new graduates are done for the following roles:
Project Analyst (Production, Strategy and Supply Chain)
Business Controller
Brand Manager
IT Professional
Production Trainee (Norway only)

Do you offer trainee positions/internships/summer jobs?

We offer a variety of internship opportunities which you can read more about here: insert internship page link here

Trainee Program:
Orkla Foods Norway offers a production trainee programme designed for new graduates who are interested in future career as a leader within production, logistics and innovation. By stationing trainees within various units across Orkla Foods Norway, we aim to develop future factory managers, change managers and project managers with experience of and insight into every part of the value chain. For more information on this program, click here: Insert page on trainee program

Summer jobs:
Some of the companies in Orkla Group occasionally offer summer jobs. If you are looking for a summer job at a factory, we recommend that you contact the factory directly. Summer jobs at Orkla’s head office are advertised on our career site.

Can I write my bachelor/master thesis at Orkla?
We have no established system for student thesis collaboration, but if you have a good hypothesis or idea, we are open to considering collaboration on a case-by-case basis. Please email you request to ( or to the person of interest you have already identified.

Which companies in Orkla can offer international experience?
Orkla’s home markets are Scandinavia, the Baltics and Central Europe, and there are opportunities for capable employees to relocate to a job in a different country in these regions. We do not currently offer a formal internal mobility program however we are working towards greater mobility and cross-company cooperation. Many employees who have expressed a desire to work abroad have been given the opportunity. 

What kind of training do you offer new employees?
Competence development at Orkla primarily takes place through “on-the-job” training. With their manager as their immediate coach, employees are able to influence tasks and processes to a significant degree, and are quickly given considerable responsibility. More formal competence building generally takes place at Orkla’s own educational institution, Borregaard Manor, where training and courses ranging from specialised programmes (Orkla Brand Academy) to global leadership development programmes are provided. We emphasise a strong focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, a prerequisite for optimal performance.

Do you accept open applications?
No, we do not accept open applications for unspecified positions in Orkla. We receive a great many open applications, and unfortunately are unable to deal with them manually. All our vacant jobs are advertised on and applications must be submitted through our career portal. You are able to register a general profile on our career site and sign up for email job alerts.

Who should I contact if I want to work at one of Orkla’s factories?
If you want to work for one of Orkla’s factories, we recommend that you contact the factory directly by telephone, e-mail or ordinary mail.