Why Work for Us?

In NutraQ passion and dedication is our engine and the main goal is defined by our mission; helping people to a better everyday life. We are fully dependent on professional and talented people with a “can do” attitude. NutraQ is therefore committed to provide our employees with autonomy and the opportunity to learn and grow every day.

Our culture is based on trust and is created by the dynamics and diversity that our employees represent. With more than 20 different nationalities and a wide range of professions, we all come to work to have fun, think outside the box and do continuous improvements.

  • Minjung Kim

    Role: Business Intelligence Developer
    Location: Oslo, Norway

    "My job consists of designing, developing, and maintaining software solutions that enable NutraQ to gather, analyze, and visualize business data."

    Minjung has been with NutraQ for 2 years, and she appreciates that her job involves a good mix of scientific, mathematical, and artistic elements.

    "NutraQ promotes a healthy lifestyle, providing support for employees to maintain their well-being while delivering good results. At the same time, we have a dynamic rhythm in our work life. It keeps us motivated and excited, driving us to deliver exceptional results with enthusiasm."

  • Cecilie Nordstrøm

    Role: Chief Marketing Officer, Oslo Skin Lab
    Location: Oslo, Norway

    "My own journey is proof that dedication, strong will, and hard work can lead to significant development opportunities at NutraQ. I started as a marketing consultant and now work as the manager for one of NutraQ’s largest product portfolios."

    Cecilie has been with the company for 16 years and is one of several individuals who have climbed the ranks.

    "What I like best about this job is the freedom to try out new things. We are always evolving, both in terms of our product offerings and the markets we operate in. There’s a relatively flat structure, and a lot of room for different perspectives."

  • Gilbert Salim

    Role: Finance controller & payroll consultant
    Location: Oslo, Norway

    "Since my first day at NutraQ, I have felt that it is a solid company with a strong focus on global expansion."

    Gilbert has held several positions at NutraQ, but his main task today is to provide technical support to both the finance and logistics functions, as well as ensuring that all NutraQ employees receive their salaries on time.

    "What I like best about my job is that it’s never boring. It’s challenging in a way that stretches me beyond my comfort zone, which helps me learn even more. New tasks have been added to my roles and responsibilities during my years at NutraQ, requiring me to gain more knowledge and skills."

We Care!

We truly believe that investing in our employees is a key factor to achieving our goals!

Professional development
We wish for our employees to not only be competent in their profession, but also excel in it. This requires actively pursuing and investing in professional development and ensures that knowledge and skills stay relevant and up to date.

Work life balance
Work is important, but we know it is not everything.

Health benefits
Our mission is to help people to a better everyday life. This is also something that reflects upon NutraQs responsibility towards our employees and their health. Depending on location we offer our employees subsidized gym memberships and massage/naprapathy treatment during workhours. All employees can enjoy one extra vacation day a year called the NutraQ day. We recommend you spend it with your friends and family!

Company apartments
Our employees have the opportunity to use our company apartments in the heart of Trysil Mountains in Norway and by the beach in Marbella, Spain.

Office location
We strive to provide modern and attractive office facilities for our employees. From January 2021 NutraQ Headquarters are located in modern facilities at Skøyen, near the Oslo city centre.