What is different about our program?
One rule we established for any leader wanting to take on interns was that you can never just have one. Interns must be at least two per department and have a large part of their work focused on group projects where there is lots of open discussion and collaboration. We believe in constant feedback, encourage them to discuss and work with other interns, have real business projects and gain exposure to senior people in the organisation. We strive to give them a real window into life at Orkla and presents a tangible way for them to apply the theory that they have learnt into real practical workplace scenarios.

To find out more about our interns, and their journey at Orkla, please visit the Internship page. 

How do I apply?
We recruit our summer interns during the autumn period and expect interns to work the following summer from June to August full-time. We follow a similar application process to our standard recruitment and invite a group of candidates to an assessment day from which we make our final selections.

The recruitment process for O-Life Summer Internship 2021 will start at the end of August 2020. Follow along on our Career Pages to see when applications open.