Explain briefly what background you have (academic background, etc.):
I have a Bachelor`s degree in Human Resource Management from Kristiania University College (Høyskolen Kristiania). During my Bachelor`s, I took part in an exchange semester abroad at UC Berkeley in California. Currently, I am working to complete my Master`s degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology at the Norwegian Business School (BI) in Oslo, where I plan to graduate in summer 2019.

What kind of internship did you have?
I have had an HR internship in Orkla ASA, within the Group HR function based in Oslo. My work included planning and executing projects that impacted the entire Orkla Group, on a global level which was a fantastic opportunity. As an HR-intern, I got to work on a variety of different projects, with a huge focus on how HR can function more as a strategic partner to the business and help in Orkla reaching its overall goals. You can read more about the different projects that I worked on here at the: internship blog

What is the best part of working as an intern at Orkla?
What I liked most about being an intern at Orkla, was the opportunity to work on such fun, challenging, and important projects. I quickly understood that the projects we were working on were real-life task that needed to be done, which was highly motivating and made me feel like we were having an impact on the company. This also gave me the opportunity to work with people from all over the world, which provided me with a global mindset and understanding of how international work can be. And of course, working with the other interns was a great experience as we exchanged good ideas and perspectives, and created great friendships that carried over beyond the summer!

What separates Orkla from other companies, especially within the FMCG sector?
I think what differs most about Orkla compared to other FMCG companies is the opportunity to work with the whole value chain, from A to Z. Even as an HR-intern, I got to experience so many different parts of the value chain, from idea-generation to production in the factory. At the same time, Orkla works with the local markets in combination with a global mindset, which I think is a truly unique way to work. I gained lots of good and unexpected knowledge by being able to work this way.

What is your favourite product and why?
Thanks to my good colleagues, I found a new favourite product this summer: Cuba! The chocolate! I had never tried it before, and now I`m obsessed with it! I also love all the products from KLAR, (our sustainable home cleaning line) in terms of how they look, feel and smell – and most importantly that they are environmentally friendly.

Why should someone consider applying for this program?
I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to apply for the program to do it as the experience far exceeded my expectations. I have learned more these past months than I have in a long time, and really had the chance to put my knowledge to the test and apply theory into practice. From a personal perspective, it also confirmed my passion for HR, and am certain this is what I hope to work with in the future. Finally, when you work with a group of interns from different backgrounds and fields, you always have someone to brainstorm with, and are never ever bored!